Newborn Photography

Newborn Baby Photography

Bespoke ~ Authentic ~ Timeless

"A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty"

Thank you so much for your interest in a newborn baby photography session with Photography By Leela. 

My name is Leela and I am a mum and full time Hatfield photographer. I look forward to capturing some beautiful and timeless photographs of your baby.

Newborn Baby Photography

  • 4 hour session
  • Full use of props
  • Sibling & Family photographs included
  • 15 High Resolution Digital Photographs delivered to you on a USB stick

Why should you choose me?

I have been a newborn photographer for many years and I have trained with some of the UK's top newborn photographers. Your tiny baby's safety is my upmost priority and our whole session is baby led, which means that baby is the boss. If your baby wants to feed, we stop to feed. If baby wants comfort, we stop for cuddles. If baby doesn't want to do a specific pose, I will never ever force anything. I am known for my timeless newborn imagery, I love sleepy, curled up posed photographs but I also always like to get some natural images of your baby awake, this enables me to take on newborn bookings for babies up to 6 weeks old.

I always strive to make each session as relaxed as possible, as a new parent you are most likely tired, I know that exhaustion myself, the first few weeks are hard! My comfy sofas offer you a chance to put your feet up, have a cup of tea or even have a snooze if you wish.

Where is the studio?

Newborn baby photography sessions with Photography By Leela take place in my Hatfield studio. My specialised photography studio is built in my garden where I create the perfect environment for your baby to feel safe and comfortable. I supply all blankets, headbands, hats and all props for your session so you can sit back and not worry about needing to find that perfect bonnet.

There is street parking available and the nearest train station is Hatfield station.

When should I book?

You can book your session with Photography By Leela at any stage during your pregnancy, I will pencil you in around two weeks after your due date and once your little bundle has arrived we can confirm a date.

Booking early is preferential so that you avoid disappointment, I only take on a certain amount of sessions per month so that I can be sure to have a space available for you. Occasionally last minute availability is possible so please do not hesitate to contact me and ask.

How do I book?

Email, call or contact me here. I take on a limited number of newborn bookings per month, based by an approximate due date. A £75 non refundable retainer is required to secure your booking, this will later be deducted from your final order. You will be sent my newborn contract and questionnaire to fill out. My newborn photography sessions are bespoke, so the questionnaire allows me to tailor the session to your preferences. Once your baby has arrived, message me within around 48 hours, so that we can secure a suitable date.

Food for thought

Before your session you should think about where you want to put your images, how do you want them displayed in your home? Ask yourself these questions when deciding on your colour choices for your session. Many of my clients opt for neutral tones with a touch of colour, colour tones that match the colouring to your home decor.

Newborn Baby Photograohy Pricing

My newborn photography pricing starts at £349, this includes 10 high resolution digital photographs with 10 matching 6" x 9" mounted prints.

After the minimum spend (£349) individual digital photographs are available at £30 each.

Wall art options are available to add on to any package. I understand that having the flexibility of buying the digital files allows you to produce prints, enlargements and albums. However, I firmly believe that the beautiful images we are going to create deserve to be displayed using only the best quality products. Additional prints can be purchased at the viewing.

The Session

Your tiny little brand new baby has just entered your life and the little sleep stealer has created a massive lifestyle change for you and your family, and the little bundle has completely and utterly stolen your hearts! But in the blink of an eye your brand new newborn will be 6 months old, sitting up on their own and giggling away. Where did the time go?!

Your little one wont stay little for very long, which makes it even more important to capture these memories, leave it too late and they will be gone forever. It's best to document their freshness in the first few weeks, the ideal time is when your baby is between 5 days and 3 weeks old. I do however take on bookings up to 6 weeks as I personally love to capture newborns awake as well as those super cute, wrinkly curled up, sleepy poses.

I have a large selection of blankets and props to make your session as perfect as can be. Newborn photography sessions with Photography By Leela normally last around 4 hours long, so please allow adequate time so we can capture as much as we can. The room will be warm, this is to keep your baby comfortable during those timeless nuddy shots. Please keep this in mind when getting yourself ready for your session.

I will always recommend that you have photographs taken with your baby. Maybe you're feeling a bit rotten after the birth and lack of sleep and believe me, i completely understand how much you really don't want to be photographed at this point, however these are your childs memories and even if you don't want to show the world these images, they are their for your baby when they are older, as a sacred keepsake. Plus, I am always able to photoshop those bags under your eyes, if you would like me to. Siblings are also welcome, I generally will take sibling and parent photographs first as little ones do tend to get bored. Afterwards dad would normally take the sibling(s) out to prevent boredom!

Most of my sessions take place during the week, however occasionally I do have a weekend slot available.

What should I bring to the session?

If you are breast feeding please feel assured that breast feeding is welcome in my studio. If you are bottle feeding, please bring adequate amounts of milk, extra milk is good to bring as the room is warm and your baby may want to feed a little more than normal.

I have everything needed for the session, props and styling wise so you don't need to bring anything with you, however if there is anything sentimental that you would like to include in your shoot, then of course you are more than welcome to bring it, I would ask that you let me know in advance though so that I am able to plan the session to incorporate it.

A change of clothing for yourself will be helpful to bring, being peed or pooped on happens regularly during our sessions and its great to be prepared.

If your baby uses a dummy, please do bring this with you as this can really help to sooth baby.

What happens next?

Around 2-3 weeks after your photoshoot you will be invited back to the studio to view your finished gallery of around 20 beautiful, fully edited photographs, this is when you can pick your photographs and your package.

The photoshoot itself is completely free, I do not charge to take photographs of your baby and your family. You are under no obligation to to purchase a single photograph if you wish not to, in this case the photoshoot will have cost you nothing. If you wish to order wall art instead of the package below, due to the time involved, there is a minimum order fee of £299.

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If you would like to talk to me or ask any questions about a newborn baby photoshoot, please feel free to get in touch.


You can call me on 07950 640 771 or email me at